Calendar and Venue

Date: Dec 9 to 11, 2017
Time: 09:00 – 17:00 NPT (GMT+0545)
Venue: Hotel Bharatpur Garden, Bharatpur, Chitwan

Workshop Details

Network Administration

Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to IP Routing
  • Layer 1 , 2 and 3 Refresher
  • Network Design Principles
  • Network Troubleshooting Tips / Hints
  • Operation of OSPF Routing Protocol
  • Router and OSPF Dynamic Routing Configuration (Lab Exercise)
  • Network Operations Best Practices
  • Basic BGP operation
  • BGP Scaling Techniques i.e. route reflector, peer group etc
  • Lab Exercise on iBGP, RR, Peer group etc.
  • Introduction to Wireless Networking
  • Introduction to Network Management
  • Demonstration of Network Management

Ram Krishna Pariyar (Subisu)
Amrit Manandhar (Tulaja IT Solution)
Kijush Maharjan (Worldlink Communications)


Network Administration Slides and Lab

System Administration

Workshop Topics

  • Linux History
    • Linux Philosophy and Concepts
  • Linux Structure and installation
  • Linux Documentation
  • Linux CLI
  • File Operations
  • User Management/Environment
  • Text Editors
    •   VIM
    • Advanced VIM
  • Network Operations
  • Bash Scripting
  • Advanced Bash Scripting
  • Processes
  • Common Applications
    •  Web
      • Apache
        • http
        • https with let’s Encrypt Certs
    • Database
      • MySQL/MariaDB
    • Mail ( If time permits )
      • SMTP/SMTPS
      • IMAP/IMAPS
    •  DNS & DNSSEC
      • Bind
      • Unbound
  • Monitoring
    • Measuring loads/usage
    • Memory/Swap
    • CPU, I/O, Disk
  • Project
    • scripting
    •  monitoring

Kabindra Shrestha (PCH)
Rupesh Basnet (OM Network)
Rustan Shrestha (PCH)


System Administration Slides and lab

Date: Dec 9 to 11, 2017
Time: 09:00 – 17:00 NPT (GMT+0545)
Venue: Hotel Royal Century, Bharatpur, Chitwan

IPv6 Deployment workshop

This technical workshop is made up of lectures and hands-on lab exercise to teach the concept of IPv6 protocol architecture, its addressing structure, design issues when planning for IPv6 deployment focusing on IP core network. It discusses network infrastructure design principles for dual stack deployment, OSPFv3, MP-BGP, transition technologies etc. Also presented for understanding and to encourage best practice knowledge.
The course includes considerable practical work based on IPv6 and Cisco IOS router configuration commands.
Target Audience
Both Entry and/or mid level technical staff of ISP, network operators or enterprise, who are involved in day-to-day network operation and planning function.
It is assumed that participants have a basic understanding of network operations, Internet technologies, OSI reference model, TCP/IP and familiar with router operating system software (i.e Cisco IOS etc).
Workshop topics

    • Introduction to IPv6
    • IPv6 Protocol Architecture
    • IPv6 Addressing and Sub-netting (Including Hands-on Exercise)
    • IPv6 Host Configuration (Including Lab Exercise)
    • Network Design Overview and IPv6 Addressing Plan (Case Study)
    • Basic Router and IPv6 OSPF Configuration (Lab Exercise)
    • Recap of IPv6 Routing Principle
    • IPv6 iBGP, eBGP, RR, Peer group Configuration (Lab Exercise)
    • IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Principle and Strategy (Case Study)
    • IPv6 and DNS

Tashi Phuntso (APNIC)
Matsuzaki Yoshinobu (IIJ)
Krishna Pd. Pokhrel (Websurfer)


Workshop details and it’s content can be found on the link below:

APNIC Training – npNOG3

Certificate of Completion

Participants who successfully complete the 2.5-day workshops will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Terms and Conditions

For Workshops: All Tracks

  • All participants are expected to bring his/her own laptop for the workshop. The event organizers won’t be able to provide any laptops. The laptop should be able to connect to Workshop wireless network.
  • Basic knowledge of Computer Networks is required.
  • You agree to the event “Terms & Conditions” and are expected to observe fully the “Code of Conduct”.