npNOG3 had started from Dec 9 to 11, 2017 with Workshop programs in Bharatpur, Chitwan.

Registration is now closed.

npNOG3 Registration Fees are as follows

Registration Type Fee Local Registration
Passport (Workshop 2.5 days followed by Conference) USD 120.00 NRS. 8,000.00
Conference Only (0.5 Day) USD 20.00 NRS. 1,000.00

The fees will cover Lunches, stationery and tea/coffee during the day.

25% Discount is given to early bird registration. Early bird registration closes after 25th Nov 2017.
50% Discount is given to University Students. Discounts not available after 1st Dec 2017.
50% Discount is given to female participants.

Local Registration can be done directly with npNOG.