General Terms and Conditions

A) Registration Fee Schedule and Early Bird Rates

The rates for each event are published on the respective event website.

* Fees charged include entry to all official social events.
* Fees charged include all applicable local taxes.
* For registration inquiries, please contact registration @

B) Payment Information

On-site Payment: On-site conference payment can be made at the NPNOG Registration desk on your arrival. Cash payments will be accepted in USD and NPR only, as per the fee schedule outlined in the registration information. Please prepare the exact amount to pay as change may not always be available.

C) Walk-in Registrants

Walk-in registrations are NOT allowed for the workshops but are allowed for conferences and tutorials.

D) Confirmation

A confirmation email will be sent to you upon completing the online registration form. Please keep it for your reference.

E) Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you are unable to attend the workshop and/or conference you agree to inform us at registration @

F) Substitution of Registration

If for any reason you are unable to attend the workshop and/or conference, you may appoint a substitute to attend. Please inform us at registration @ along with your registration number and the new contact details of the substitute registration.

G) Accommodation

It is up to the registrant to book his/her own accommodation in advance. The organizer may provide help with hotel information, but can NOT guarantee availability.